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Discover the outstanding Champagne Vintage Collection from the House of Lanson. Taste an extraordinally taste of 3 great vintages, 2002, 1988 & 1976 from the Lanson Vintage Collection.

It brings together 11 vintage wines going back from 1976 to 1998: more than a century…


From the outset, each bottle is stored in optimal conditions in the historic cellars of the House. Each acquisition merits tailored craftsmanship and is handled as a “special order”.

– Disgorging is done with the bottle upside down, “à la volée”. This operation involves extracting yeast deposits concentrated in the bottle neck.

– Wine tasting is carried out by the Wine-Maker himself, or a member of his confined team, in order to ensure that the champagne contained within the bottle is in perfect conformity.

– Corking, wiring and dressing of the bottle are all made by hand, in the purest tradition of historic Champagne traditions.


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